Teardrop Lite

 Composite technology applied to the classic teardrop

 Tents on wheels with a chuckwagon in the back. Pretty cool idea. 

Dating from the mid-1930s, teardrop trailers are making a comeback. Our contribution is going to be making them considerably lighter in weight. Teardrop trailers that are light enough to pull behind the family car, which for many of us is a very small car!

Light weight is a relative thing. Anything that weighs less than we think it should would be considered light weight. Our goal is to stretch that as far as we can and still have a practical trailer. When we succeed we will see if there is a market for a really lightweight trailer.

Gamut Services will produce a prototype teardrop trailer that should be less than half the weight of most teardrop trailers. A 4 x 8 trailer made with a steel frame and wood floor, sides and top will weigh at least 800 pounds and most are about 1250. So we need to come in at less than 400 pounds. 

Aerodynamic profile and compact shape made teardrop trailers very slick looking. Recent studies of semi-tractor trailer rigs with an arched top indicate the aerodynamics is sound. 

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