Teardrop Lite

We will be adding papers and links here to help you explore the teardrop trailer movement. Please take this short survey.

 A teardrop trailer has more in common with a tent than the modern, self-contained, travel trailer. They are small. Just big enough for a bed and a galley with very little storage. Because of that they are relatively light in weight. Compared to 20  foot travel trailers, they are very light.

Our project asks the question; What is lightweight within the category of teardrop trailers? How much less should something be to qualify as significantly lighter? Our design parameters usually shoot for a 50% reduction in weight to justify changing the way a thing is made.  

Gamut Services will produce a prototype teardrop trailer that should be less than half the weight of most teardrop trailers. A 4 x 8 trailer made with a steel frame and wood floor, sides and top will weigh in excess of 800 pounds. So we need to come in at less than 400 pounds. 


or Galley

The rear of a teardrop is usually the place to cook. Much like the chuckwagon of the old west of the galley of a boat.

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