Teardrop Lite

Gamut Services specializes in composite design. Our primary facility is located on an airport where we design and manufacture components for experimental aircraft. Several folks on the field have built teardrop trailers and that got us interested. A tent on wheels with a chuckwagon in the back. Way cool.     

Of course we can't just do what others have done. Our style is to apply all we know to a design and perhaps make some improvements. Our first prototype will be a copy of the earlies designs in dimension and layout, but done in epoxy/glass fiber composites using a sandwich technique to make a very strong and very light structure. 

 The American Society for Testing Materials classification ASTM C274-53 defines a structural sandwich as: “A laminar construction comprising a combination of alternating dissimilar simple or composite materials assembled and intimately fixed in relation to each other so as to use the properties of each to attain specific structural advantages for the whole assembly.”

Designing in composites is different from other materials. Sandwich construction eliminates the need for "frame elements." For instance the entire side wall carries the load.

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