It is with a heavy heart that we share the news that the founder of TeardropLite, Charles Wilhite, has passed away. Charles was an innovator and active member in the camper community. Having been involved in incorporating his vision of a light weight and budget-friendly trailer with his friend Drew, from Playing with Sticks, to working on various camper designs with Mitch in his hanger, Charles was never short of innovative ideas!

Charles was adamant about getting trailer assembly kits to his customers and inching closer, day by day, to releasing the first purchasable kit within the year 2024. The sleek design and overall lightweight and affordable teardrop camper is something that campers across the community were anticipating with excitement. We are saddened that he will not be here to see it come to fruition, but his business partner is evaluating the next steps to see it through. We don't yet have a time estimate.

Whatever your fantasy of camping is, a great way to experience it
is with a small camping trailer.
Composite design applied to the classic teardrop.
Teardrop trailers first appeared in the 1930s. The shape of a drop of water falling through the air is an extremely streamlined shape. It is also a very pleasant shape for which these trailers are named.

Think of them as a chuck wagon with a double or queen sized sleeping area. Our TeardropLite trailers are modeled after the original designs, but made of modern materials. Using composite materials like fiberglass and carbon fiber and tiny amounts of wood and metal results in extremely light weight trailers that are water tight and durable.

Teardrop Lite designs radically light weight teardrop camping trailers. These will be produced as kits to be assembled at home and some ready to pull models.